First Post


Today is one of the first times I’m taking a leap of faith and following my dreams. My “year” in college I took an entrepreneurship class and the teacher gave the assignment to write ways to make money. I quickly thought of blogging and YouTube. I have been an avid YouTube watcher for years, I talking hours and hours of time, so I’ve seen YouTube grow and many people are living off of YouTube. When I brought the idea to her she said, “Its a hobby, not much money in it.” So I was discouraged, but I wrote my “first” post anyway although I never made a website to post it on. But today, months later, I’m ready to talk to the world even if only one person or no one is listening. Writing is my outlet, its where I write history, more like MYSTORY.

Today I experienced some bad news and my mom hugged me as tears sprinted down my cheeks. I wasn’t the girl I thought I was. I wasn’t the woman I thought “it” had made me. Nor was I the adult I had always dreamed I’d become. I was flawed. My mother said to me, “It doesn’t matter when you get “it”, just never forget to get “it.” Everything would be okay.” Despite what I saw as a downfall a MAJOR set back, she saw as another chance to finish strong and finish how I always wanted to. Today, 6.23.16, it’s my chance to make this journey mines! Today starts My Journey My Way!


-xoXO Lex



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