not any.
“there is no excuse”
used to indicate that something is quite the opposite of what is being specified.
“it was no easy task persuading her”
As people I feel we fear the simple two letter word ‘No’. I understand that the worst that anyone can say to us is no, but it may also be the best thing they can say. Understanding ‘no’ is all about perspective. It’s much like seeing the glass half full. When you are given a ‘no’ you are only given another opportunity to find a ‘yes’. The ‘yes’ may not come today and it may not even come within the next few weeks, but you must turn your ‘no’s’ into “not yets.” From making plans for myself and seeing things that I think no one else sees I’ve learned to be patient and just wait. I may never get what I think I need or deserve in life, but I will get exactly what I need. This is where faith comes to play. You only need faith of a mustard seed and I know first hand how hard it is just to get that much faith and keep it. But trust me a vision, a dream, a goal you never even had for yourself will replace all the ‘no’s’ anyone ever gave you with the most incredible ‘yes’ you can get. So today remember to be patient, have faith, and enjoy the “not yets” in life.
-xoXO Lex

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