Love Yours

Do me a favor and NEVER compare yourself to ANYBODY else. Yes, we all have someone we look up too and someone who inspires us. Let them do just that and that’s all. When you start to compare yourself to others you can’t see your own blessings clearly. Your blessings will start to feel like burdens, or mediocre. All of this leads to unhappiness. 

We were all created equal and God gives us all exactly what we need. I feel as though when you don’t see your blessing and you don’t count your blessings God sees you as ungrateful. He still loves you though!! God isn’t mad at you. 

I am an avid YouTube watcher and fan. I find many strong women that inspire me. I follow their stories/life and see so many blessings unfold for them. It’s quite amazing! But then I wonder when it’s going to happen for me. Because if it can happen for them it can happen to me too right? Yes, but my blessing will be different than there’s but a blessing none the less. I am learning to be genuinely happy for people without wondering why I don’t have such and such and why I don’t look like such and such. 

It’s time you love YOU! Just as people inspire you, you have the POWER to inspire others! 

-xoXO Lex
*I saw this on my Facebook as soon as I published this. Just more affirmation. 


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