a man in relation to his natural child or children.
I think the relationship you have with your father is one of the most important relationships you can have. I have always believed that your father should be the first man a girl loves. But what happens when he is also the first man to break your heart? Daddy issues. 

Many people male and female have “daddy issues.” Daddy issues usually arise from an absentee father. Absentee doesn’t always mean he isn’t in your life. It can mean he’s there physically but never there mentally. I’m a female so I can only speak from a feminine perspective, really my perspective. 

When you have daddy issues it usually triggers more relationship problems with other males. Some people look for a “daddy” in a man or many men to replace the father they never had. Some people shut down and never trust men. No matter how you deal with daddy issues there’s ways to cope. 

I’ve heard that the best thing you can do is forgive them. Forgive them for what they did to you and how they made you feel. A lot of the time the feelings they gave you were unintentional. Many fathers who choose to not be in your lives struggle with their own past family issues. There is a root to all the problems in our lives. So forgive them for yourself so that you can move on. 

You also have to realize how it is affecting your life. When you see the affects of their actions you can start to see your own downfalls to work on yourself. 

More than anything I know it’s easier said than done, but the healing you will receive will be greater than any pain he ever gave you. I’m now learning that it’s not to late to forgive my father for all the pain he gave me,unintentionally I’m sure, and start a fresh relationship with him. There’s nothing more that I want most days than to just be his “little girl.” And that in itself may be my downfall, just wanting recognition and attention from him that I feel I deserve. Something  that seems so simple and easy to give may be hard for someone to show you. Just be patient and pray and everything will work out. 

-xoXO Lex


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