I’m black

You’re scared because I’m black. 

You shoot because I’m black. 

You kill because I’m black. 

I am black. 

African American. 

I am proud. 


I am a woman. 

Proverbs 31 to be exact. 

It is my job to protect my brother. 

My husband. 

My son. 

My family. 

In the words of Beyonce

“I ain’t sorry oh no hell nah!”

I did not pick the color of my skin. 

I did not ask for so much melanin. 

But on today and EVERY other of my life.  

I am proud of my race. 

I want better for my race. 

I will not stop until we receive the respect we deserve!

I am Trayvon Martin. 

I am Tamir Rice. 

I am Sandra Bland. 

I am Michael Brown. 

I am Alton Sterling. 

I am Philandro Castile. 

I am so many lives taken I’ve lost count. 

All lives matter. 

I’m tired of waiting for change. 

We must be the change. 

Take action today!

-xoXO Lex


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