One day…

I’m just trying to figure out my place in the world. I have know clue what to do some days, but I do know that I want to help make a change. I want to change someone’s life. I want to help someone make a better decision. To show people that anything can happen for them. I want to give someone the faith I never really had. I want someone to know that I believe in them, I support them! I want someone to know I care! I believe that I’ve been put on this earth to help people make changes in their lives. I just have no clue on how to go about doing this. I want to make it my career. I want to wake up everyday with a purpose. I don’t EVER want to be content on an everyday job. A job that has no meaning to me. A job I don’t wake up excited about. I don’t want a “job” at all, I want a career I’m passionate about! I want to place smiles on people’s face. I just want to hear someone tell me they did it and not because of me, but because of God! I’m just a messenger. 

-xoXO Lex


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